Manab Racing: A Brief History

As engineers, we have a strong predilection to engender new products and technologies, which will prove beneficial for the society and also appear as a silver lining on our resumes. An undergrad’s tenure in an engineering college is quite a long one and as team members of a Formula Student group, we scrupulously exploit all the opportunities at hand in manufacturing a lightweight yet powerful race car. The inception of our team dates back to the year 2014 when a group of passionate race enthusiasts thought of carrying out an unprecedented task, which was giving Haldia Institute of Technology a Formula SAE team. Students from various engineering disciples were recruited and after strenuous efforts by both, the college faculty members and the team members did the first race car roll out from the workshop in 2015. It has been a long but mesmerizing journey since then, with progress and setbacks going hand in hand. On an optimistic side, however, we learn from our mistakes and commit to manufacturing more efficient and powerful race cars in the future. From mere freehand sketches to CAD drawings and from fiber-composite parts to 3D printed parts, we have acknowledged and embraced the paradigm shifts in designing and manufacturing our race cars. The team is evolving with each passing day and has more laurels to earn for the college and itself. We are Manab Racing. The Creation that Never Ends.