Suspension is the most important part of automobile. It protects the vehicles from road, shocks, vibration, provides comfortable rides to rider.

It connects a vehicles to its wheels and allows relative motion between two wheels .It also provides steering stability and good handling.

Suspension system is of different types. It depends upon the vehicles. Generally there are two types of suspension system:

(1)Rigid axle suspension – This type of suspension is used for heavy duty vehicles. The construction of rigid axle suspension is simple. This type of suspension does not provide good comfort because due to low sprung and high unsprang weight .It is used in trucks (both front and rear) And also in cars Rear suspension. Rigid axle has some disadvantages such as, the wheel is no longer remain vertical, and on sharp turn at high speed toppling can occur.

(2)Independent suspension -This type of system allow each wheel on the same axle to move vertically. Generally cars used front suspension. Due to less unsprang weight and better road holding while cornering or braking. This type of system is more complicate. It is also of following types;

(a) Wishbone arm system

(b)Trolling link system

(c)Sliding pillar type

Push-rod suspension refers to a special type of automotive suspension system based largely on the double-wishbone system, which incorporates elements of the commonly used MacPherson strut. In cars, suspension refers to the system by which a vehicle maintains contact between all its wheels and the ground. This is usually achieved through the use of dampers and springs, providing downward force on the wheels to withstand impact shocks. However, this strut is mounted across the chassis, parallel to the ground, as opposed to the commonly used vertical systems. Therefore it allows the necessary components to be taken directly out of the air stream, closer to the centre of gravity, and to reduce the centre of gravity, making the weight and body roll more efficient of management.

Consequently, push-rod suspension systems can provide a unique avenue for performance at the expense of everyday instability, practicality, and comfort. Because of this, push-rod suspension systems tend to be the most widely used in non-road based cars, rather than Formula Racing leagues, particularly Formula One, but rarely seen in production cars. And we are also using this system for consecutive 3 years and we had great result.

Push-rod suspensions are joined by two connecting rods that appear to be swinging the arm, and drive two curves that control progress. It pushes barbell with the same force to balance each rod. This system allows the use of smaller size and dimension components and equal weight and energy. The double push rocker can be changed very quickly to change progress and the linkage can also be adjusted very quickly to optimize performance. This system distributes power evenly and symmetrically on two arms and rotates specific parts in ordinary motorcycles; As a result, the weight and dimensions of the swing are also significantly reduced.

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